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Dinosaur Park Rapid City South Dakota, 2010

Dinosaur Park, Rapid City, S.D., 2010. Photo by Mark Gordon

I’m glad you are here. Although you may be wondering how you got here and why you want to be here. So, before you hit that “back” button, give me a minute or two to tell you about blog.unfocusedmg.com.  Maybe you’ll like it or maybe you’ll never want to visit again. But, spending a few minutes here might help you decide.

Let’s start with why it even exists and what you might find here. This is an outgrowth of my photo website:  unfocusedmg.com and I’m guessing that you arrived here through that site.

Worlds Largest Truck Stop, Iowa, 2010

Worlds Largest Truck Stop, Interstate 80, Iowa, 2010. Photo by Mark Gordon

I’m a frustrated historian/critic/commentator and so can’t resist sharing my thoughts. My intent (and cyberspace is littered with good intentions) is to offer reviews of books that I find interesting, share news and occasionally offer random thoughts and insights. Perhaps I have something worthwhile to contribute. Perhaps I don’t. You be the judge.

This is actually the third blog I’ve attempted. As anyone who writes a blog knows, they tend to be real time sucks if you keep them up. I’ve observed that most people start a blog with great intentions and enthusiasm, which fades quickly.  Orbiting cyberspace is the debris from millions of abandoned blogs. Some of it crashes harmlessly back to earth or burns up on re-entry. Most just sit there in cyberspace in a perpetual orbit, long after the writers have abandoned them. While I’ve already contributed more than my share of cyberspace junk, I’m going to try again.

I developed unfocusedmg.com to explore my interest in photography and share my pictures, which are free for the stealing. As the title suggests, my life and interests are more than a little unfocused, my theme remains: Pictures Sharp. Life Not So Much.

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  1. Bill Deuster says:

    Hi Mark,

    I saw your forum posting on Canonrumors about cmyk. I have been separating rgb to four color process for over 16 years and know quite a bit about it. Your observations are correct about the limitations of the 4c color gamut, but there are tricks that can help. If you want to discuss this you may email me and we can figure a way to discuss this.


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