Gretchen Garner is hot!

Disappearing Witness. Gretchen Garner.

I thought that might get your attention.

Gretchen Garner

Gretchen Garner

To clarify, and to avoid any domestic problems, it’s really Garner’s book Disappearing Witness that I’m infatuated with. Most photography critiques don’t exactly qualify as page-turners. But, I find myself rushing through Disappearing Witness, anxiously anticipating each section.

I’m not quite finished yet, so a full discussion will have to wait. But, let me just say, this is one of the best photography books I’ve come across. Garner has a real talent for tackling issues in photography, while keeping her text entertaining and readable.

She has a knack for understated observation and can wryly nail the work of photographers with a single line: “Like (Georgia) O’Keefe, the wives of Harry Callahan and Emmet Gowin have become subjects of the somewhat obsessive photographic attentions of their husbands.”

But, most importantly (and unlike too many other photography books) she actually has something to say.

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