Stephen Shore Lecture

Here’s an interesting video of Stephen Shore giving a talk at the Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture in London in October, 2010.

Screen shot of Stephen Shore Lecture

The website would not allow me to embed the video, so you'll have to click on the image to go to the video. Sorry.

I wanted to simply embed the video, but the school apparently doesn’t like to share its free videos. So, you have to click on the frame shot at the left or else here. The quality of the audio and video leave a bit to be desired, but it’s not unwatchable.

According to the description on the web site: “Stephen Shore will discuss the ways in which a three-dimensional world flowing in time is transformed into a photograph, and how cultural forces are made visible and therefore accessible to photography through architecture.”

The video draws heavily on Shore’s book, The Nature of Photographs, which is one of the most concise and excellent explorations of photography I’ve found.

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