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Photography After Frank. Essays by Philip Gefter.

Book Cover, Photography After FrankI’ll want to write more about this book. But, it’s so good that I thought I’d put in a quick plug right away. It’s not really what I expected. Rather than a single detailed exploration of photography after Robert Frank, it’s a series of essays that Gefter wrote, mostly for the New York Times and mostly offering a brief commentary on contemporary photographers, hence the title “after” Robert Frank.

The essays so far have been uniformly good. As with most photography books these days, I’m reading it with my iPhone beside me, so I can pause and look up more examples of the photographers he references. I repeat, this is the way to read a photography book today. It’s just impossible for a book to contain enough images to really get a good feel for a photographer’s work. In fact, some of the photographers Gefter writes about don’t even have a single photograph in his book. So, be sure you have your favorite mobile device beside you and get ready to Google.

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