Black Friday Update: K-Mart, Shopko and Wal-Mart (Updated Again)

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This is a picture of the Grand Canyon. It has nothing to do with this post, but I like it a lot. Taken Sept. 2010.

Okay, I’m updating the update with a new offer from hhgregg, which is apparently an electronics store that’s concentrated in the eastern half of the country. No stores in Illinois, but some in Indiana.

Like the others, the ad is posted at and that’s where this information comes from.

hhgregg is offering a T2i with the kit 18-55mm IS lens plus the non-IS 75-300mm for $899. They are also including a bag and memory card.

To summarize: the K-Mart, Shopko, and Wal-Mart ads for Black Friday are all offering the Canon XS.  And, as previously posted Best Buy has the T2i without the telephoto for $799.

KMart, Wal-Mart and Shopko are all offering the Canon Rebel XS at $479 with the kit 18-55 IS lens.

The T2i can be had at Adorama for $849 without the zoom lens, so you get the zoom for another $50 at hhgregg. But, remember this is the non-IS version and goes for about $160 at Adorama alone.

Wal-Mart calls their XS offer a “bundle” because they are including a camera bag and a 2GB memory card. K-Mart is offering a “bundle” of their own for another $100 that includes the same Canon 75-300 non-stabilized zoom lens. Given K-Mart’s XS bundle, it looks like hhgregg’s T2i and zoom combination is consistent (subtract $100 and you get the same $799 price as Best Buy)

Shopko is also offering a Powershot A495 for $89, which is $10 under Adorama. Also at Shopko will be a Nikon Coolpix L110 for $199 and a Coolpix S4000 for $129. hhgregg does have an SX30 for $369, which is less than Adorama’s $399.

Adorama’s price on the Rebel XS is $499, while their bundle with the 75-300 lens is $599. So, there’s no significant difference in price on the Rebels. Once again, you need to consider local sales tax, how you feel about getting up at 4 a.m, and the instant gratification of getting the camera the same day.

If you really want a zoom lens though, I’d look for a bundle that includes the stabilized (IS) 55-250 EF-S lens. It will cost you $50 more at Adorama, for an XS bundle and $999 for the T2i but it’s a much better lens in my opinion. For comparison purposes, the 75-300 zoom sells for about $160 alone at Adorama and the 55-250 IS lens goes for about $220.

Also, my opinion: if you have to stay under $500 the XS is a good camera, but if you can afford the extra money, the T2i at $799 at Best Buy or $849 at Adorama is a better choice. You’re buying current technology vs. technology that’s at least three years old. Of course, both take great pictures and you’ve got to decide for yourself, based on what your budget allows.

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